Look for God’s fingerprints everywhere

If someone asked you, “Name three things today that made you happy,” what would you say? If they asked, “Name three little things today that made you happy,” what would you say?

Either question is great to discuss as a family. Whether you do so over the dinner table or on the way home from school, nearly everyone can think of three things that made the day better. It is revealing to add in the adjective “little,” as it can encourage us to think beyond the more obvious things (friends, health, home) and notice the smaller things we don’t often register in the moment. The friend who shared his snack at playtime, the smell of freshly cut grass, the cute puppy we saw going out for a walk—it’s easy to forget these things unless we have a reason to remember. These questions give us a reason. They invite us to pause, review our experiences, and recognize that even in the most challenging days, God’s fingerprints are everywhere we look.

Tell people what you love about them

Every night, before falling asleep, share one thing that you love about each other. It’s a terrific way to end the day on a note of recognition. It can be inspired by the experiences of the day: “I love how you are so great at fixing my computer,” or, “I love how supportive you are when I’m stressed.” This exercise isn’t just for spouses; you can tell your children one thing that you love about them. It’s very grounding to wrap the day up by recognizing the good. Even if there has been family tension or frustration in the hours before bed, verbalizing something you love about a person is a simple but meaningful way to reconnect. It’s one more simple but effective way to recognize the people we share our lives with and to recognize God’s goodness in them.