The Baptism class is intended for new parents and takes around an hour. It is nice where possible for us to have a two or more families at the same time so that people get to know each other and can share ideas and thoughts.

CCD programme

Our CCD programme or 'Catechism Classes' are primarily for children attending non-Catholic schools, however, they are also open to all children in the Parish. They are aimed at children in school years 4 to 7.

First Holy Communion
[Registration CLOSED - next intake in September 2018]

Our FHC programme which begins with Reconciliation preparation, runs from September to June during term-time concurrent with CCD. 

Teenage Confirmation

Teenage confirmation begins in January each year and runs up to the day of Confirmation which takes place at Pentecost. A meeting for parents and candidates will take place on 15th October 2017, at 4pm in Church.




Location: Baptism class is held in the parish rooms with Mary Stanier, pastoral assistant upon request.



Location: CCD is held at St Dorothy's Convent, 99 Frognal, London, NW3 6XR




Location: FHC class is held at St Dorothy's Convent, 99 Frognal, London, NW3 6XR



Location: Teenage Confimation class is held in the parish rooms.


Step 1 – Fill in the form below (if you are signing up multiple children, Please refresh the page and fill in for each child)

Step 2 – Download the extra forms below including the dates and sign up for our termly CCD and First Holy Communion e-Newsletter

Step 3 – You might want to consider if there is anything you can do to help, e.g. volunteering, giving a financial donation in order to support our work.



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Photo/Video: Sometimes for the purposes of resources, training and parish social media, photographs or videos of sessions may be taken. By submitting this form you accept the responsibility of bringing your child, or children, to all sessions that are provided and to follow up with children on their progress and learning. I also will endeavour to attend parents' meetings, when provided. Classes will take place at: St Dorothy's Convent, London, NW3 6XR. For more information, please contact our Pastoral Assistant, Mary Stanier, marystanier@rcdow.org.uk, 020 7435 6678 x.3.