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Ever wanted to find out about volunteering with no pressure to commit?

We are launching a new initiative to give more people an opportunity to find out about volunteering opportunities at St Mary's called Volunteer Sunday.

Here's how volunteering usually goes: you get asked to help, you're reluctant but want to help, you say okay and seem to be locked into a permanent contract that you feel too guilty to break. Well, no longer.

On Sunday 6th September as the new academic year begins there will be an opportunity ofter the weekend Masses to take leaflets and talk to volunteers about their experiences of volunteering at St Mary's and to see if anything interests you. The leaflets should have detailed expectation and time constraints to see if it is viable to help. The more of us their are to help the easier and more enjoyable it will make the enterprise which is the enterprise of Christ.

So come and discover how God is calling you to live a life of discipleship at St Mary's, Hampstead.